Sunday, February 10, 2013

Made it through the hardest week!

This week was incredibly hard for me to be on Whole30 as I had Kelly's Kids parties galore! I was gone Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights and so I wasn't home to make meals to take for lunch either. Thankfully, we had turkey and made "Paleo Chicken No Noodle Soup" last Monday, so that helped fill the gaps. Also, the BBQ restaurant next door to my office has been so sweet to show me their seasoning so I could check for "banned" ingredients and thankfully I can have it! Anyhow, thanks to my Mom & Josh helping with the crazy kiddos, I made it through! Now, the plan for this week is to keep on keeping on AND start some kind of exercise!

This morning has been my best yet! I am SO sick of eggs! I have had them every single way imaginable for breakfast and I just needed a change, I remembered my Mom used to make Salmon Patties for breakfast when I was younger, and although I'm not a fan of Salmon cooked any other way I loved those patties. So, I "invented" my own Whole30 approved version. I used the food chopper to finely chop about 15 organic baby carrots and 1/4 of an organic onion I then combined that with a can of Alaska Pink Salmon, salt, pepper & a dash of cayenne pepper. I mixed it up well and then added 2 eggs (I probably could have used one) and mixed it in as well. I heated about a Tablespoon of Coconut oil and then dropped in 2 "patties" by spoon and browned them well on both sides, they were DELICIOUS! AND... I still have the mixture in the fridge for the next few mornings! :) I must say it's quite exciting and satisfying to create these amazing, healthy meals!
I also FINALLY tried coconut milk in my coffee and WOW what a difference it makes. It looks kind of gross, but tastes so much better than black coffee! This is getting easier and easier!

On another note, Josh & Elle had a very special day yesterday. In preparation for the big event last night, Josh took Elle for a Spa Day and SoYoung Salon & Spa to get her hair and nails done. She came home looking like the most beautiful little princess in the world. We got her dressed and ready and I wanted to cry at how big my little girl is getting! She and her Daddy looked so sweet leaving to go to their 2nd "Daughter Daughter" (Daddy Daughter) Dance! Here's a couple of pics...

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