Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's just getting easier...

Although we're a little disappointed to be missing out on the "Fat Tuesday" splurging, I think we've decided to carry the Whole30 on throughout Easter (but we are going to allow one "cheat" day per week after the actual Whole30 is over). It's been fun coming up with new recipes and eating together at home as a family, so here's to trying to keep it up a little longer than originally planned!

As I said, the salmon patties REALLY helped me with the mundane eggs for breakfast routine, so we decided to venture out on a limb and try something different for dinner too! Tonight we had shrimp scampi (we just cooked it in coconut oil and garlic) and crab cakes! They were delicious!!! I took our "leftovers" to Mom & Dad and they were quite impressed as well! They were just as easy as the salmon patties, although I changes things up a bit- I used sweet potatoes instead of carrots- chopping them finely with the food chopper. I also added onions and peppers (red, yellow & green). I mixed in a small tub of lump crab meat and 2 eggs and added salt, pepper & cayenne pepper for seasoning. I then pan fried them in coconut oil and they were to die for! Josh even commented that he wondered why restaurants didn't make them like this, since they're so much healthier and taste just as good!

Elsie had her 1st Whole 30 day too. She ate dinner with us last night which was a crock-pot chicken with carrots and mushrooms and since she LOVES chicken legs so much, we sent the leftovers for her lunch today, along with some mandarin oranges (in water), pure fruit gummies & a cashew cookie Lara Bar. I asked her after school how it was and she said, she didn't like the gummies, but everything else was good. After school she wanted Chickfila, so I took her and got her nuggets grilled (they still have MSG, but at least we're trying) and a fruit cup and although she complained at first, she finished it all with a smile on her face. She also seemed to enjoy the shrimp we ate for dinner, so it looks like we have another little lady on her way to eating more healthily.

For anyone considering trying this, especially right now as Lent approaches, I totally recommend it. I can totally tell a difference in all aspects of my life. I feel better overall and I am sleeping better, I can tell I have lost some weight, but just feeling better and having more energy is totally worth it and the diet is not nearly as hard as I imagined!

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