Saturday, February 2, 2013

Back in the blog-o-sphere & Intro to our Whole30!

It has only taken a lovely 8 months to adjust enough to having 2 little rugrats around that I feel like I might be able to squeeze in a minute or two every now and then for a little blogging update! Life with 2 kids is quite the adventure, but such a fun ride! We're loving our new little fellow and he fits right in with the three of us... Elle has made sure she's broken him in well!

So as for life right now, Elle is in school 3 days a week and loving everything about it. She is learning all kinds of things and amazes us each and every day with her personality and spirit! Thatch is going to work with me every day and keeps me hopping! We're currently living in the "cabin" since the house was hit by a tornado 12/20/12... it's a bit cramped but we've made it our cozy little place for the time being!

Josh and I have just started (well, we're officially 6 days in now) a Whole30 program. I was extremely nervous to even think about trying this concept since we had trouble following the weight watchers program and this is by far the most strict eating plan I have ever seen! My biggest fear was (and still is) not being able to have convenient meals on the go and out at restaurants. The Whole30 plan basically promotes extremely healthy eating in the form of organic (if and when possible) meats, veggies, fruits & fats and totally bans processed foods, sugar, dairy, grains, MSG, etc... It's supposed to be a sort of "reset" button for your eating habits. You have to follow the strict plan for a minimum of 30 days with NO cheats or screw-ups, and if you do cheat or misstep, you have to start all over! :/ SCARY stuff! Well... we're almost a week in and doing AWESOME! We have eaten in every meal except 1, which was tonight. We went on a huge grocery shopping trip last Saturday and spent lots of time reading labels and putting things back on the shelves. After we got all we needed we were able to cook breakfast, lunch & dinner ALL week and remain complaint with the guidelines. We decided to come to the beach this weekend, and gave eating out a chance tonight. Thankfully, we had a fabulous waiter at The The Boatyard who was extremely accommodating and kept us on the straight & narrow. We still have 24 days to go (the actual plan is to finish out February, so 26) so here's to hoping blogging about it will make us a bit more accountable! 

We've had some awesome recipes this week, so I'll try to share some throughout the next few days, but for now I'll leave you with a few pics from our beach weekend! Check out these PRECIOUS babies!!!

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